The mandala simbolizes the All. It is a circle that embraces everything and nothing. It is the perfect symbol of unity. The idea that we are all part of the whole and that each particle of our

existence is an expression of the whole has been with me for a long time. Thoughts and feelings, experiences and moments of our existence are part of life´s kaleidoscope.  We want to exclude whatever is not to our liking. Trying to get rid of what seems imperfect separates us from the totality. We try to avoid whatever generates uncertainty, anxiety and fear. We try not to feel. The mandala accepts everything.  It never excludes. Embracing the Whole in its multiple manifestations is, today, the primordial concept of my creative work.  This work is part of a personal process of discovery and acceptance. It is also my tribute of awe and humility to life´s manifestations that surprise me moment to moment. The mandala, the circle, is a universal symbol that consciously or unconsciously awakes in us the desire for completion. From the most beautiful to the most repugnant; from the most feared to the most insignificant, insects are part of the circular universe. In my work they each correspond to a different feeling, thought or mind state. I use many images of spiders (although they are not part of the insect family) because they represent change and mystery. I would like to awake within the spectator, surprise, awe and a sense of mystery since the only way to be open to the totality is to let go of the known.

Jocelyn Arellano

May 2014

Hated and feared by many in Occident, the spider is loved in India as a cosmological symbol. The upanishads see her achieving freedom by elevating herself with the help of its gossamer. Among many towns in west africa, the spider plays the role of intercessory between divinity and man and for others in the village of Mali, it has a higher degree of initiation. Some psychoanalysts refer to spiders as a symbol of achievements and psychic tendencies.


Is there a more joyous colour tan yellow? Color is my passion. Each of the mandalas in this collection is an ode to color that creates an effect on the viewer. These are high frequency mandalas that can brighten, energize, reassure, surprise, fascinate and heal. Most human beings prefer butterflies to spiders because these are ugly and the latter, beautiful. I like the combination of both. I like contrasts because life is full of them.

The following mandala (orange mandala) is made of only butterflies and spiders. I have a fascination with spiders and in this case I wanted to soften their physical aspect with the softness of the butterfly and with the color orange. Orange symbolizes change and it has a vibrancy that invites you to action. Butterflies, spiders, orange, circle, are the elements of this piece affects the space, the environment and the perception of those that are exposed to it. The perfect symbol of unity includes everything: What we perceive as beautiful and as ugly; what we consider good or bad. The mandala/circle doesnt leave anything outside: the same as life. It doesnt exclude. It presents us with adverse and favorable situations, high and low emotions. Continuous movement.


I see these mandalas like the rose windows of Chartres Cathedral. Rose windows of gothic cathedrals are wonderful expression of the mandala combining light, color and form to create unity. I imagine them being used in India or Tibet for meditation and ritual or being part of an important collection of contemporary art. The mandala/circle is a universal symbol that has been with us for centuries in different cultures and was and is part of our lifes.

The colours of this mandala are extraordinary. They are the colours of India. The design of this circle took hundreds of insects and it was a very detailed work. It took me several months putting together meticulously one insect after the other and it was a pleasure to see how the process was evolving. Creation is a game that I like to play. I sit in front of the computer and I start the game and I never know what the outcome will be. Its a gift to be able to do this.



The next mandala is called ¨Oui¨a. Its central part is composed of pink tarantulas. The most feared aracnid painted with the color of love. The blue that surrounds the mandala makes me believe that I am looking at a beautiful coral in some caribbean sea; that I am seeing little fishes swimming around the coral instead of butterflies and beetles.


The circle is perfect symbol of unity, of the totality. This concept has attracted me since long ago. It is more and more evident for me that each particle of my existence is an expression of the totality. Negative thoughts as well as positive emotions, every moment and every experience are part of the great kaleidoscope of life and I dont have to fight to exclude anything. The desire to flee from the imperfect separates me from the totality. I try to exclude uncertainty, anxiety and fear.